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THANK YOU for visiting Thru The Glass. This site is designed to help answer your questions and concerns about real estate inspections. Whether you are buying a castle or a cottage you need the facts. Inspections have become a necessity to protect your investment before “THE MONEY’S SPENT”. Whenever money is involved it is wise to have an unbiased opinion and that is why we are here.

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Why is getting house inspection important?

Buying a house is not as easy as buying food that looks and sounds so appealing in a menu. It may look perfect at first sight, sounds cheap for a beautiful house, and feels so affordable. Guess what, all that expectations can turn into a bad decision. You may think that inspections are a waste of time and money but if you really are a wise investor, calling a professional house inspector before buying a house is what you must do.

Home inspection helps you decide what to do and what to choose when you are confused about buying a property. Most of the buyers based their decisions on the properties’ price thinking the cheaper the price is better not pondering about its quality. Thinking that they saved a lot of money in buying a cheap house, they’ll get surprised by the fact that they are going to spend more than they do in buying the house. Expenses for repairs and reconstruction are bigger than buying a quality house. To avoid such waste of time and money, house inspection is a necessity.

Not convinced yet?

Here are some reasons to get a professional home inspector:,

  1. Home inspection helps you decide whether you must get the deal or not.
  2. Yes, you heard it. The point of home inspection first is to get you choose the right decision. What if you need a full restoration to assure the safety of the house? Would you still buy it after knowing that you are going to spend a lot more after you grab the deal? They will provide you the evidence you need to see the ugliness behind a beautiful house and the consequences if you still get the deal. Just think about it, without a professional inspector, buying a property becomes a gamble.

  3. You will save more money!
  4. You think you save money when you bought a cheap house without the guide of a home inspector. But sooner or later, you will discover the hidden truth that the seller didn’t told you. Most of the time, homebuyers will only think of inspectors at time when what they all have is regret.

  5. Tells you the Legality of the Property
  6. Home inspectors investigates not only the structure of the house you wanted to buy but also its legal status. Assure that the property does not have illegal installations before the authority finds it within your hands. Even real estate agents neglects to perform these standards so watch out for these hideous things and consult a professional home inspector before you nailed you grab that key.

  7. Discover potential safety risks
  8. Real estate agents wouldn’t let you see any reason for you not to buy the house. Examples like faulty electrical installations, blocked chimneys, presence of carbon monoxide, etc. You don’t want to risk you safety for a small amount of money. This is another reason that getting an inspection first is very necessary.

  9. Discover hidden structural problem
  10. Large cracks which your sales agent can easily explain might actually have bigger problems than it looks like. A dump of paste may not be enough to treat the condition. Consult to a home inspector to correct findings and so, you can enjoy your investment without any regret.

Look for a reliable and trustworthy inspector

Home inspectors are whom you should be relying on when you are buying a house. They will tell you the state of the property you are planning to buy based on an unbiased conclusion. Make sure the home inspector you get is a licensed professional and adept at the profession.

Don’t worry, we have what you need exactly.

Thru The Glass Professional Inspections have what you need. We conduct different types of inspection like roof vents, flashing and trim, gutters and downspouts, garage door, safety sensors and openings, grading and drainage, and many more. Home Inspector Malakoff, TX will serve you the best service you’ll ever need to ensure your choice in investment will not going to bring you to downfall.

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