We apply the TREC Standards of Practice to the following items when conducting home inspections:

  • Roof vents, flashing and trim
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations
  • Garage doors, safety sensors and openers
  • Decks, steps, porches, walkways and railings
  • Grading and drainage
  • Water penetration and foundation movement
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Water heating systems
  • Interior plumbing fixtures and faucets
  • Electrical service line and meter box
  • Main disconnect and service amperage
  • Electrical panels, breakers and fuses
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Fireplace, damper and hearth
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Basement, foundation and crawlspace
  • Related safety issues and much, much more…

Above are just examples of the many different forms of home inspection processes that we may have to perform before you decide to purchase a home. The very first thing we do is the general or residential inspection where we examine the structure of the house, its exterior, plumbing, roof, HVAC, electricals, insulation, garage doors, safety sensors, and openers, ventilation, grading, drainage, etc. After the inspection, the inspector prepares and delivers the written report, or you may have the result emailed to you and discuss the results over the phone. At Thru the Glass Inspection, you can trust the inspection results with great confidence.

Thru The Glass Inspection also serves types of inspection for wooden furniture and floor. It must necessarily be conducted to make sure the structure of the floor area is strong and free from termites. If this inspection is neglected, imagine the cost you may get after several renovations and repairs you might have in the long run. That’s why calling Thru the Glass Inspection is your safest bet before buying a house.

We also perform commercial inspections to the scope required by the client.