About Us

Thru The Glass has been conducting professional inspections since 2007. The founder of Thru The Glass, David Yanna, started his own business because he believes every real estate buyer NEEDS TO KNOW what type of investment he or she is making.

David is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), Lic #9407, and works in Texas’ northeast region. He stays at the top of his field with continued education and by following the current “standards of practice”.

Clients are welcome to attend and observe home inspections but it is not necessary. David will review your home inspection verbally at the time of inspection if you are present. If you are not present for the inspection David will email your inspection report and review the report with you over the phone during or after normal business hours.

When your inspection is done and you receive the report you, will be at ease knowing that you are making an informed decision.